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5 Ways To Be Gluten Free With TLC

TLC Gluten Free

5 Ways To Be Gluten-Free With TLC

5 Tips for the Gluten Free Community

Total Life Changes knows that one cookie-cutter diet does not suit everyone’s needs. So we have a wide range of vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free products. Don’t know where to start? We got you! Read below to see which product is best for YOUR lifestyle!

1. Busy Bees Can Get Up and GO
Are you a busy mom or dad who wakes up, gets her kids ready for school, works all day, comes home, cleans the house, does the laundry? The list never ends! We know life is crazy, and we’re here for you! So if you need a healthy, gluten-free and convenient cuppa joe, try our Latin or Delgada Premium Instant Coffees!

TLC Tip: Try them, iced! Mix them in with 8 oz of hot water to dissolve, let cool, then pour over ice! Add a dash of cinnamon or your favorite creamer to make your coffee experience even better.

2. Cleanse Anywhere
Do you want to cleanse wherever and whenever? At work and thinking about how to achieve your 2020 fitness goals? Not a problem! Try our Instant Iaso Tea; it’s so simple to rip, pour, shake and sip your way to a healthier you!

TLC Tip: Looking for a way to change up your tea? Try adding a small slice of ginger, some blackberries, or even a lemon and lime to add an extra punch of flavor.

3. Boost your Workout
Are you a fitness fiend? Have you tried every protein supplement on the market and can’t find your favorite? If you want to try one more, you will not be disappointed this time! MatriX is our gluten-free protein and meal replacement option that is full of nourishing plant protein, fiber, probiotics and more.

TLC Tip: An excellent addition to your MatriX is our TLC Shaker Bottle. The bottle is convenient for on-the-go nutrition, so you can make it, shake it, and enjoy the benefits!

4. Amp up Your Antioxidants
Are you feeling a little blah this winter? Stuck in a diet rut and looking for a new way to get more nutrients? Look no further! TLC’s Phyte, Chaga and Techui will give you a boost of greens, superfoods, antioxidants, and vital plant-based nutrients to keep you feeling great!

TLC Tip: Combine Phyte with orange, banana, and coconut water in a blender for a tropical smoothie with some hidden greens!

5. A Drop Duo for Your Diet Success
Looking for something to give your diet and exercise plan some extra oomph? Do you want to curb those cravings and achieve more than ever? Try out our Resolution Drops and Life Drops. These drops are formulated with proprietary blends that will support a healthy metabolism and help with cravings.

TLC Tip: Set a reminder on your phone so that you can take your drops on time every day! Being mindful of your health and wellness goals is key for a consistent result!




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